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  September 2019
  The Schoenebeck group reports a straightforward access to N-trifluoromethyl amides, carbamates, thiocarbamates and ureas in Nature (Nature 2019, 573, 102).  For press coverage, see: Nature's "News & Views" (Nature 2019, 573, 37) and C&En News (Vol 97, Issue 35).
  July 2019
  Congratulations to Thomas Scattolin from the Schoenebeck group who is one of the 45 finalists for the 2019 Reaxys PhD Prize. More than 360 applications were received from chemistry researchers from all over the world. Thomas was selected for his work "Efficient Synthesis of Trifluoromethyl Amines through a Formal Umpolung Strategy from the Bench-Stable Precursor (Me4N)SCF3" which was published in Angewandte Chemie.
  Mai 2019
  We are pleased to welcome Dr. Chris Teskey at our institute. We wish him all the best in building his research group and program.
  April 2019
  We are pleased to welcome Prof. John A. Murphy from the University of Strathclyde, UK who is visiting our institute as a Humboldt research award winner.
  Februar 2019
  The Schoenebeck group reports "E-Olefins through intramolecular radical relocation" in Science. (
  Prof. Schoenebeck has been appointed as Editor at the Thieme journal Synthesis
  Januar 2019

Der „Tag der Chemie“ fand am 18. Januar 2019 von 10:15-19:00 Uhr im Hörsaal AOC, Landoltweg 1, 52074 Aachen statt.

An diesem Tag präsentierte die Fachgruppe Chemie ihre vielfältigen Forschungsaktivitäten. Unter dem Thema "Highlights aus der Aachener Chemie" stellten Doktoranden/-innen ihre aktuelle Forschung in Kurzvorträgen vor. Weitere Highlights wurden in einer kleinen Posterpräsentation der Institute im Eingangsbereich gezeigt. Damit sollte die wissenschaftliche Kommunikation zwischen Studierende, Doktoranden/-innen und Arbeitsgruppenleitern/-innen gestärkt und die Studierenden bei der Suche nach einer Abschlussarbeit oder einem Forschungspraktikum unterstützt werden. Im Anschluss berichteten Absolventen, Doktoranden und RWTH-Alumni über Möglichkeiten während und nach einem Chemiestudium in Industrie und Ausland.

Die Absolventenfeier begann mit einem Festvortrag von Herr apl. Prof. Dr. Roger de Souza. Im Anschluss erfolgte die Ehrung der letztjährigen Absolventen der Chemie-Studiengänge und die Verleihung der Preise in einem feierlichen Rahmen. Mit einem Empfang im Foyer des Instituts für Anorganische Chemie klang die Feier festlich aus.

  Also this year the "New Year Symposium" (number 11 in the series under the sponsorship of Bayer AG) was a great success. More than 100 participants (see picture ) attended the meeting on January 11 in the IOC lecture hall. The main speakers were Prof. Dr. John Gladysz (Texas A&M), Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber (Ruhr-University Bochum), Dr. Thomas Müller (Bayer AG), and Prof. Dr. Louis Fensterbank (Sorbonne Université). In addition, 9 doctoral students from RWTH Aachen University gave short talks, and about 30 posters were exhibited. Particular thanks go to the 2019 organizing committee: Christian Schumacher, Hannah Fergen, Jannik Borghs, and Steven Terhorst.
  November 2018
  Dr. Jose Hernández chaired a Beilstein Organic Chemistry Symposium entitled "Mechanochemistry: microscopic and macroscopic aspects". With the support by the Beilstein Institute, the ca. 50 participants (see picture) met in a hotel on top of the Rheingau heights close to Rüdesheim (November 13-15) discussing the various facets of mechanochemistry. In a most delightful atmosphere, top-notch science was presented. A few impressions can be found on Twitter:
  The Institute has two visitors (one as Humboldt award winner and the other, Andreas, his student) from the US: Professor John Gladysz and Andreas Ehnbom from Texas A&M University.They will stay with us until mid February.
  Oktober 2018
  The IOC is delighted to welcome Prof. Frederic Patureau as a new colleague from October 1st.
  Juni 2018
  A group of pre-school kids from the Kindergarten "In den Küpperbenden" visited the Institute of Organic Chemistry on June 7. Together with three of their tutors, the 28 kids had a short introduction into the background of organic chemistry and a guided tour in the institute. Finally, they performed experiments and watched additional ones presented by Professor Bolm.
  Januar 2018
  Auch in diesem Jahr fand wieder ein Tag der Chemie (am 19.1.2018), organisiert durch die Fachgruppe Chemie der RWTH Aachen statt. Er beinhaltete wissenschaftliche Vortragsserien und die festliche Absolventenfeier.
  March 2017
  On March 30, 2017, Professor Bolm welcomed the members of the "Kuratorium des Fonds der Chemischen Industrie" ( at RWTH Aachen University. It was the 199th meeting in the series and the first one ever at a University. During lunch, the committee members met the rectorate and the "Hochschulrat".

The photo taken during this meeting shows
Dr. Gerd Romanowski (VCI, Geschaeftsfuehrer des Fonds und der Stiftung Stipendien-Fonds),
Mr. Thomas Wessel (Evonik Industries, Vorsitzender des Kuratoriums des Fonds der Chemischen Industrie),
Prof. Dr. Dierk Raabe (MPI fuer Eisenforschung, Vorsitzender des Hochschulrats),
Prof. Dr. Ernst Schmachtenberg (Rektor der RWTH Aachen University) and
Prof. Dr. Carsten Bolm (RWTH Aachen University, Institut fuer Organische Chemie).
  Februar 2017
  The 2017 Bredt Lecture took place in the Institute of Organic Chemistry. We congratulate this year's recipient - Prof. Paul Knochel from the LMU.  The previous Bredt lecture awardees were Prof. Peter Vollhardt (2008), Prof. Ryoji Noyori (2010), Prof. K. C. Nicolaou (2012), Prof. Steve Ley (2014). We are grateful to Grünenthal GmbH for generous sponsorship of the event.
  Juli 2016
  Prof. Franziska Schoenebeck was appointed W3 Professor at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the RWTH Aachen.
  März 2016
  The IOC congratulates Prof. Dieter Enders on his 70th birthday.



Dieter Enders, 1946 – 2019

We are very sad to inform you that our colleague, outstanding scientist and dear friend, Professor Dieter Enders passed away on Saturday, 29th June. Prof. Enders was a giant in the field of chemistry and made an equally deep impact at the RWTH Aachen University, where he had been Professor since 1985.


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